Nashipae studeert dankzij de steun van de missietent af op Universiteit in Kenia

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Mede door de steun vanuit De Missietent kon Nashipae, een jonge vrouw uit Kenia, haar studie afronden op de Universiteit. Wij feliciteren Nashipae met dit prachtige resultaat! Onderstaand een schrijven van haar begeleider josephine koisaba;

”Nashipae graduated in Education second class upper division which to me was plus and good work after a whole 4 year in the university. I realy appreciate missitent group for supporting Nashipae to have completed her education she promised to give back to her beloved community and Kenya as whole country. I also thank you for linking as to the missitent group. we also prayer to the group so that God can help them to have more straight as we celebrate the work of missitent group I love them so much and pass our greetings. I would also say that our work was not invalid because you can now see the results of educating a girl we still have more girls in the programme which I believe that Nashipae is a role model to them. I also wish the missitent group well as their celebrate 100 year of being role model, motivators and contributors to our need families across the board. Incase of clarification or development of articles for a news letter am  ready to produce and share experience with you and the group”