Josephine Koissaba verteld haar verhaal aan de Missietent

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Josephine Koissaba verteld haar verhaal aan de Missietent

Afgelopen zaterdag heeft Josephine haar verhaal verteld aan de leden van de Missietent, dit was erg indrukwekkend.

Hieronder verteld ze nogmaals kort haar verhaal en schrijft ze een dankwoord!



Dear friends from the “Missiegroup’’,

My name is Josephine Koissaba.

I am a  maasai lady, born in Kenya  and schooled in Kenya through  sponsorship of  a Catholic brother who was born in  the Netherlands. I went through all the levels of education, so from Primary School to College. I was born in family of eight children; six girls and two brothers. I am  the only lady in our family with higher education and currently working.
In 2003 I got the opportunity to work in an  international organization known as Child Fund.  I call myself a lucky girl because when  I completed my education, this organization gave me a chance to work with them. After four years of my experience the job ended. In  2008 I was employed in Dupoto-e-Maa as  project office  in charge of education. What I do in the organization is to help the young girls to develop the future life through education. I am also community trainer and motivator to all. I face several challenges because of the nature of my work. Some of the few major challenges are education of girls, high illiteracy of the parents and also climate change. I am also a sponsored child,  thanks to Father Henry, I would always wish to help and may be assist other girls to have a bright future.

That’s why I am very glad that the support from your group came to us. We have been receiving support from the Missietent group and their currently supporting seven children in diffident levels of education. Last summer we had visitors  from Oldenzaal,  Theo and Marion Padberg and their friends came over and I invited them in my home.  I showed them the letters from the supported children and Narshipae , one of the student who is in Kenyatta University spoke with the visitors.  We had a meeting with the “woman’’group; the parents of the students you are supporting. They are very happy that you gave your support.

I was very impressed that I could meet the members of your group. They know now who I am and what the challenges in my country are. I hope that we can go on with this  support.

Best regards
Josephine Koissaba